Four Reasons Why You Should Play Tag Rugby

Most people commonly associate the game of rugby as a contact team game where the player gets tackled down by another player. However, there is another version of rugby known as “tag rugby”, which is a minimal contact team game.

The game is played by two teams with seven team players each. The attacking players will attempt to evade, dodge, and pass the rugby ball while the defenders will attempt to prevent them from scoring by pulling a Velcro-attached tag from the hip of the ball carrier’s shorts – known as “tagging”.

Here are the 4 reasons why you should play:

Fun and Camaraderie

Imagine how much fun you’ll have just attempting to grab a tag or tags off another person’s shorts all in the name of sports.

You can play the game with colleagues, friends, family, and even complete strangers. And since you need good teamwork to win the game, you might just end up with a new friend or two.

Caters to All Skill Levels

Tag rugby is pretty simple to play and it being a minimal contact sport will allow both newbies and experts to play together. It can also be played with mixed males and females or kids and teenagers alike.

Great Exercise

If you hate exercising but love to indulge in any form of sports, then tag rugby would be up your alley. You won’t notice that you are getting fit since your mind will be on how much fun you are having in trying to grab or evade the opponent. Forget going to the gym, go and play tag rugby instead.

Just 40 Minutes

Unlike other games, tag rugby can be played and finished in just 40 minutes or less. This gives you ample time to have a good workout while having fun, fostering friendships, and possibly de-stressing from your everyday worries.

Have I got you interested in playing? I’d recommend going online and checking out for any tag rugby venues near your location. Have fun!

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