6 Things Always Happening During A Rugby Game

Rugby games are played and hosted almost every other week for family, friends, and colleagues out to have a good time. However, did you know that regardless of how often these games are hosted, there are 6 things that are considered as a constant during a rugby game?


There are a lot of people attending a rugby game. No matter the venue or the teams playing, you will surely find a large crowd of loyal fans attending and supporting their favorite team.

Painted Expression

Not everyone might do it but at least a handful of the audience will show up with their faces painted. The colors can vary depending on the team they are following but some even go as far as dressing up in a costume to complete the effect.

Common Ground

The popularity of rugby makes it a common ground for everyone. This means you can literally be seating across some celebrity or royalty who are there to root for their favorite team. No game goes without the attendance of one or two celebrities. Just keep your eyes peeled.

Wince Once in A While

No matter how often you watch or are aware that there will be some rough plays during the game, you still can’t help but wince when you see a bone-crunching hit occur between players.

Totally Engrossed

Some fans tend to become too engrossed in the game that they sometimes forget that there are other people sitting in front, right besides, or behind them. They sometimes end up shouting their hearts out that leaves your ears ringing even after the game.


Remember the last rugby game you went to where you bought a couple of shirts as a memento of your experience or you might’ve just wanted to show your support for your favorite team?

No matter how many items you might already own that bears your team’s logo, you will surely find another merchandise (or excuse) to purchase a new item the next time you go to a rugby game.

Don’t be surprised if you noticed something else that is not included in my list. I’m sure there are plenty that I missed. The most important thing to remember is that you and the rest of the spectators are there to have fun, fun, fun!

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