Snorkeling Gear – Choosing the Best

a boy snorkeling underwater

Imagine this; you are relaxing on a beach, staring at and admiring the beautiful blue waters of the ocean. You are curious to see what the underwater world has to offer, but unfortunately you can’t dare because you have never scuba dove or snorkeled before. So, if you have been looking for an inexpensive, easier and a fun way to explore the underwater realm, why not try snorkeling?Unlike scuba diving, snorkeling is an activity that requires little experience and almost everyone can snorkel even they are not avid swimmers. So how do you prepare for snorkeling? What equipment do you need? Here are the basic snorkeling equipment you can’t miss.


One of the most important things to have before leaving to your snorkeling destination is to have quality equipment. Buying good quality snorkeling equipment will not only make you feel safer and more comfortable, but it will also increase your confidence. Choosing the right snorkeling gear is important and it’s always a good idea to test it prior to leaving for your snorkeling destination. It’s important to know that people are different, so what may fit another person or traveling friend, might not work for you. So, ensure that you do good research before purchasing and do not always go for the most expensive or cheapest brand, as they may not be the best.


Another important piece of snorkeling equipment to have is a proper mask. The best type of snorkeling mask is one that comes with wide eye sockets that will cover your nose, so that it ensures you don’t inhale water once your head dipped into the water surface. Nowadays, there are snorkeling masks that even can cover your entire face, which makes it easy for you and also allows you to have better peripheral vision.

A mask that comes with a head strap is better as with it, you can easily adjust the mask to fit into your head properly and also it allows attaching your snorkeling breathing tube. Usually, all masks have some degree of suction and a silicone rim, whose purpose is to allow the mask to firmly fit on your face and block water from entering your mask.

Snorkeling masks come with viewing glass of different qualities. These include scratch resistance, UV protection, anti-reflection, anti-fog and much more depending on your preferences.


A snorkel is a plastic tube that allows snorkelers to breathe once their face is under the water surface. Snorkels that come with valves make outward ejection of water easier. In addition, valves are useful if, for instance, you snorkel around water waves as they tend to prevent water from getting into the top of your snorkel, preventing you from choking.

Always ensure that your snorkel has a soft and comfortable mouthpiece. Many snorkelers tend to clamp the mouthpiece to make it not slip out of their mouths. Therefore, if your mouthpiece isn’t made from silicone, you might end up with a serious jaw ache.
A large snorkel tube is important for easy breathing.


Snorkeling fins are not must, however, they can greatly improve your comfort, mobility, and safety in the water. They can also help you swim and allow you to go deeper into the water than you can without them. Short snorkeling fins do work when snorkeling, however, the bigger the fins, the less effort you will have to put in, in order to move forward. When selecting fins, they should be flexible, long and easy to wear and remove. Fins are usually available in open heel style or full-foot and it depends on your particular preference. Some snorkeling fins come with an adjustable strap so that they can fit your feet perfectly; there’s nothing worse than losing one of your snorkel fins while in water.  Thus, the design of equipment is important to consider.


Apart from the above mentioned three essentials for snorkeling, there are also a number of other pieces of safety equipment to take with you’re leaving for your snorkeling trip. This equipment will not protect you in the water, but they will also help you to have a more enjoyable experience all around. Snorkeling safety equipment includes snorkeling vest and anti-fog spray.

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